2022.01.05ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. has reached an agreement with KMSK Deinze to take over the club from the existing owner and start a multi-club ownership model.

ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, CEO: Hiroyuki Ono, hereinafter ACAFP) has reached an agreement with Deinze Football Club NV (Belgium, Chairman: Denijs Van De Weghe, hereinafter KMSK Deinze) to take over the club from Mr. Denijs Van De Weghe. KMSK Deinze is a professional football club playing in the 1B Pro League, the second-highest division in the Belgian football league system. The takeover is subject to several condition precedents including but not limited to approval from relevant body of the Belgian Football Association.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world which developed as an entertainment linking the history and culture of its community. In the 2010s, globalization and technology accelerated the potential of football as a business attracting various types of capital in the industry.

ACAFP’s mission is to “release the value of Sports, and evolve”. Football business professionals come together and incepted ACAFP to realize this mission by: (1) adopting a scientific approach and technologies to the on-the-pitch management; (2) developing a global membership program and creating an original digital contents to generate a sustainable business model; and (3) implementing club management with transparency and governance.

Starting from this acquisition, ACAFP will begin a multi-club ownership model and will position KMSK Deinze as the center of its strategy. It aims to develop an unique business platform utilizing the competitive advantage of the multi-club ownership once after it partners with several more clubs in Europe.

KMSK Deinze was founded in 1926 in Belgium. Deinze, the club’s hometown, is a city located in East-Flanders and has a population of around 45,000 people. It is known as a wealthy region with a beautiful view of the Leie river flowing through the center of the city. The club’s ambition has resulted in promotion to the 1B Pro League, the second highest division of professional football in Belgium, in the 2019/20 season. The club also has plans to build a new stadium in 2022.

The image: a new modern complex stadium including hotels, offices, residence and so forth

After ownership change, ACAFP will initiate its strategy in both on-the-pitch and off-the- pitch perspective.
For on-the-pitch strategy, ACAFP will conduct a strategic pitch analysis as well as take on a scientific approach based on data and sports science technology in creating attractive and tactical football. ACAFP will also develop and invest in analysis software and establish a consistent approach regarding scouting and youth academy.
For off-the-pitch strategy, ACAFP prioritize contribution to the local community as it understands that the history, the culture and the people living in the region are an intrinsic part of the club. To further enhance and release the club’s potential, ACAFP will start developing a global membership program, create unique digital video content through an original OTT* platform (* stands for Over The Top: an online video streaming platform), and build a global fanbase to capture the arising heat from the Asian market.


ACAFP is Singapore company focusing on football business and a member of ACA Group which primary business is management of investment fund. The founding member constitutes distinguished professionals in the football industry who was emphasized by the company mission. We will continue to look for partner clubs who will agree to our concept and form capital and business alliance with them once after we conclude the acquisition of KMSK Deinze. Our ultimate goal is to enhance and accelerate the global development of Europe/Asia football.

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About KMSK Deinze

KMSK Deinze was founded in 1926 and is a football club playing in the 1B Pro League, the 2nd division in Belgium. The city of Deinze, the club’s hometown, is located in East-Flanders and is known as a wealthy region. The club was promoted to the 2nd division (1B Pro League) in the 2019-20 season and in the following season the club finished in 5th place. With plans for a brand new stadium, for which construction will start in 2022, it is one of the fastest growing football clubs in Belgium.

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