2022.03.21Collaborative “PLAY TO EARN GAME” Activity with KMSK Deinze Player, Lennart Mertens

ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, CEO: Hiroyuki Ono, hereinafter ACAFP) has recently announced its strategic partnership with Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based global GameFi platform company.

The new initiative will allow KMSK Deinze to attract new sponsorship which will be used to purchase NFTs, digital assets, and game items on DEA’s PlayMining gaming platform. The club will also participate in DEA’s Play Mining Economy as a gaming guild and aims to engage fans and the community of Deinze.

Making this partnership active, KMSK Deinze had a fun shooting day with club’s striker Lennart Mertens (29), trying a Play to Earn game called “JobTribes” with club staff. “JobTribes” is an authentic card battle game that anyone can start and enjoy for free.The more you play, the more chance you can earn DEAPcoin (cryptocurrency) which you may exchange into real money.

Lennart is very keen to this new trend of GameFi industry (combination of gaming and blockchain-powered financialization) and was excited enough to get a tutorial directly from our CEO Hiroyuki Ono, the world top player, who is one of the 8 finalists of “JobTribes” championship. While in the shooting, Lennart became a “Scholar” (able to play on behalf of a card holder and share profit) of Mr. Ono and received special NFT cards to further experience the “Play to Earn” concept.

Lennart commented “I think it’s a nice game to play. It’s like an old card game but you can now play online and also earn money. It’s a lovely thing for everyone. Also this strategic partnership is a next big step for KMSK Deinze because now the world is evolving fast and Deinze has to follow. ACAFP and DEA are doing well. Big clubs are already doing NFT projects and we have to follow them. In the near future maybe fans can get involved more and I think it’s a nice thing”.



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