2022.04.11Interactive session with KMSK Deinze fans and DEA, providing a special NFT card and building a community through Web3

Regarding the strategic partnership we made with Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based global GameFi platform company, KMSK Deinze hosted a fan event for supporters to enhance the local community engagement.

KMSK Deinze partners with DEA to build a scheme of Web3 ecosystem which lets the club be a hub organization of connecting NFT sponsors (investors), “Play & Earn” platform, and fans. Within this ecosystem fans will be able to play online games and earn cryptocurrency which are the rewards that can lead to earning season tickets or official goods (※ Click here for details).

This time Mr. Naohito Yoshida (DEA CEO) and Mr. Mitsushi Ono (DEA Head of Ecosystem Promotion) visited KMSK Deinze and had an interactive session with the local fans giving a tutorial session on the game “JobTribes”. Five selected fans enjoyed learning about the game and gradually showed their understanding toward the project.

Moreover, DEA will provide a special NFT card for the selected fans just like for Lennart Mertens and the Mayor Jan Vermeulen. A day before the event they did a photo shoot on the pitch of Dakota arena right after the match against Lierse. This will be turned into a special NFT card and within the event we discussed together with the fans to decide the specific details like the colour of card or names for skills.

It was a great opportunity for KMSK Deinze to actually build communication at the local level through the service which our partner DEA provides, and we will continue working on this for further progress.