2022.06.03KMSK Deinze completed a first and interactive meeting with its supporters

After finishing the 2021-22 season, KMSK Deinze is now building a new structure and preparing for the new season which starts in August. The club had a first-time interactive meeting with its supporters to introduce each other and exchange opinions.

In the evenings of the end of May, KMSK Deinze invited 2 supporters groups, “De Blussers” and “818” to the office in Dakota Arena. Since ACA Football Partners became an owner of the club, we place importance on both transparency and accountability, thus the main purpose of those sessions was to have interactive communication with its fans.

The first meeting was with “De Blussers” and 3 members attended. It is one of the oldest and only official supporters groups and they briefly shared the club’s history and origin of the group. The second meeting was with “818” and 6 members attended. They actively participated in the conversation to give their tips considering the increase in stadium attendance.

In both meetings, Akihisa Iizuka (KMSK Deinze Chief Strategy Officer) gave a presentation showing the analysis of the club’s situation and future strategy of both business and sportive departments. There were voices of anxiety about the rapid changes since February but Aki explained the reasons one by one.

There are given agenda by supporters with some discussion points. We will expect to have a mutual conversation in the future on our regular meetings.


May 24th 2022 (De Blussers)
May 25th 2022 (818)

Present were:
Akihisa Iizuka – Chief Strategy Officer
Yu Kaneko – Global Communication Director ACAFP
Peter De Maertelaere – Persverantwoordelijke
Maren Vanmullem – Communicatiemanager
Mathieu Lootens – Ticketing & Sales Account Manager

・Analysis and Strategy Explanation from Aki
・Opinion hearing from supporters

Opinions/requests from supporters

De Blussers
・Distribute printed flyer
・Invite ex-players to fan events
・Organize good friendly matches before the new season start
・Make players greet fans after every match

・Make more visibility of the club in the city, including events organized by supporters club or the city
・Review transportation options for supporters at away games
・Look into the possibility of putting a roof on the temporary stands