2022.08.10KMSK Deinze welcomes Mr. Kazutaka Mori as a new NFT sponsor for Fan Activation utilizing Web3 concept. The club will involve fan communities to join us to be “scholars”

Deinze Football Club NV (KMSK Deinze), the group company of ACA Football Partners Pte Ltd (ACAFP), welcomes Mr. Kazutaka Mori as a new NFT sponsor to be involved mainly in our fan activations utilizing Web3 concept which we work together with our partner, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA). His contribution will be turned into NFT cards for fans to play the online game called JobTribes.


KMSK Deinze keeps working to enhance community building through fan activations utizling Web3 concept since we made a strategic partnership with DEA. This time we welcome Mr. Kazutaka Mori as a NFT sponsor, and his contribution will be shared with fan communities as NFT cards to play the online game. 

Applied fans will be able to play the online game, JobTribes, and they can earn club’s official goods, game tickets, or activity fee related to the club promotion. Since KMSK Deinze is described as a “family club” and willing to enhance community building, we will invite several groups of fans who are willing to participate in this activation.

The club already started this project with selected supporters, and to celebrate our activity, DEA provides special KMSK Deinze branded NFT cards illustrating Deinze’s fans and mayor Mr. Jan Vermeulen, designed by a popular Japanese illustrator called Shinkichi. Those NFT cards will be sold at DEA platform starting from today, August 10th.


If you are interested in being a part of this family activation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

【Conditions for the application】
・Collect minimum 10 people
・Be a fan of KMSK Deinze!
・Please read carefully the indication and apply through here:

 ※We will hold a separate session to explain the procedure in details for those who apply
※Application will close once we reach the maximum number of applicants


Comment from Mr. Kazutaka Mori
Last year I visited the Deinze town for the first time, watched an offical match of KMSK Deinze and fell in love with this town and this team in one moment. I am honoured to be a bridge between my favourite DEA games and this beloved football team. I look forward to revisiting Deinze and the opportunity to mingle with the wonderful KMSK Deinze supporters.

Comment from Serge Beerens, CEO of KMSK Deinze
I am glad to welcome Mr. Mori as a new sponsor of KMSK Deinze. Our Web3 activation with DEA is unique but at the same time is very innovative. Since one of our main missions is to build a strong community around KMSK Deinze, this may give us another great opportunity to achieve it. Hope to see many people will join this activation and I would like to show my gratitude to Mr. Mori for his support.


About Mr. Kazutaka Mori
Partner lawyer of One Asia Lawyers Group Singapore office

Since moving to Singapore in 2017, his main focus has been to support Japanese blockchain companies in their global expansion, and he has also made angel investments in a number of web3 start-ups.Recently, he founded MGG Verse, which pursues the possibility of sustainable social contribution through the operation of the Block Chain Game Guild.


About KMSK Deinze

Founded in 1926, KMSK Deinze is a historic football club belonging to the second division of the Belgian Pro League/First Division B. The city of Deinze, the home town of KMSK, is located in the East Flanders region and is known as a place where many wealthy people live.
In the 2019-20 season, the club was promoted to the second division of the Belgian Pro League. In the 2020-21 season, their first year of promotion, they finished a respectable fifth (out of eight clubs). The club is growing rapidly and has announced plans to build a new stadium.

For more information about KMSK Deinze, please visit the official website.