2022.02.09[Report] ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. officially becomes owner of KMSK Deinze. TA press conference took place at the club and Belgian TV media broadcasted the interview.

ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, CEO: Hiroyuki Ono, hereinafter ACAFP) announced that ACAFP completed the takeover of Deinze Football Club NV (Belgium, Chairman: Denijs Van De Weghe, hereinafter KMSK Deinze), which plays in the 1B Pro League, the second-highest division in the Belgian football competition.

The press conference took place in Belgium on 01/02/2022 for both Belgian and international journalists. Our CEO Hiroyuki Ono explained the ACA group, the new club board members and the business strategy. Belgian TV media also interviewed CEO Hiroyuki Ono and broadcasted the interview nationwide. This showed the strong interest in ACAFP and its strategy in Belgium.

As a commitment to our community, ACAFP held a sponsor party on 31/01 prior to the press conference and also published a video message for the fans and supporters of KMSK Deinze to introduce CEO Hiroyuki Ono and released a FAQ interview. We felt the high interest and expectation from the more than 120 sponsors present at the event. In the FAQ video, CEO Hiroyuki Ono and CFO Akihisa Iizuka answered questions which the fans and supporters were most interested in.

ACAFP will continue to interact with sponsors, fans and supporters, in order for us to adapt ourselves and contribute to the Deinze community.

The press conference: please refer to the published article of KMSK Deinze

TV interview: the published article of AVS East Flemish Television

TV interview: the published video of AVS East Flemish Television

The FAQ video for the fans and supporters:


Photos of the Sponsor party:

(The management of ACAFP greeting sponsors at the entrance)

(Speech from Jan Vermeulen, the Mayor of Deinze city)

(Speech from the CEO Hiroyuki Ono)

(There were many sponsors in the VIP lounge)