2022.03.25【Staff Interview Vol.2】Stanley Brard

Stanley Brard, a master in the world of football who has tremendous experience of coaching and directing football at various clubs in several countries, is now in charge of developing a better organization and academy structure of KMSK Deinze as a Football Advisor of ACA Football Partners (ACAFP). In this interview, he shared his rich career experience in the past and the current missions he has at ACAFP.

1. Please briefly tell us about your background and career
I started my career in the early 90’s as a football player. When I was 18 years old I made my debut in the first team of Feyenoord, I stayed there for 10 years and played together with some interesting players for instance Wim Jansen in Holland and also Johan Cruijff. After 10 years I left the club and went to RKC Waalwijk. I played there for 7 years and we have experienced promotion from the second division to the premier league.

After that I started my first coaching career at an amatuer club in Rotterdam. Then I left the club to Vittesse Arnem, and became a coach for the second team. Later I moved to ADO Den Haag and there I was a technical director for one year, and then I went to Japan, to Nagoya Grampus. I stayed there for 3 years as an academy director. I had wonderful years over there because people and organization were very nice. It was a great challenge because we could build up something not only for Grampus but also for J.LEAGUE.

After 3 years I returned to Holland again and became an academy director again at Feyenoord for 7 years. Then I was asked to go to Azerbaijan for 3 years. It was very interesting, completely different from other countries. After 2 and half years again Nagoya Grampus came and asked me to be an assistant coach. I know Mr. Ogura, a very famous player in Japan who played for Nagoya Grampus, for a long time thus I decided to take his offer.

After that I returned to Holland and again became an academy director at Feyenoord for 2 and half years. I thought it would be nice to take some time for myself but at that time ACAFP asked me to join the team as an advisor, and now we are here in Deinze.

2. Why did you decide to join ACAFP as a Football Advisor?
It is not different but is another way to be a part of a club. I gave myself 24/7 working at clubs including Feyenoord, Vitesse, Nagoya Grampus, Gabala FK, but at the same time I wanted to have some time for myself, my family, my children and my grandchildren. At that time ACAFP invited me to be an advisor. I asked them what the contents are about, and they told me that ACAFP is trying to build a Multi-club ownership group and they valued my career experience in various football clubs. I thought it was very interesting and that’s why I said OK, I will do it.

3. What are the main missions you have as a football advisor of ACAFP?
One of my aims is that we build a Multi-club ownership with clubs who have good potential to grow and to develop. We are not looking for the first teams. Of course first teams are very important, but my other mission is to develop youth players and academies from some clubs are making great progress. It’s important for clubs to increase the value of young players who have potential and make their development.

4. One of your main roles is the development of youth methodology and academy. Why is it that important?
It takes a long time to develop young players but if they have potential and enough quality, for every club it is worth it to invest in them. Besides, I also give some advice on how to make the organization with adequate people. We need good coaches, assistant coaches, goalkeeper coaches, academy directors… Currently we have meetings to discuss the definition of good coaches for the club to develop better sports directing structure.

5. You have been playing and coaching in several countries. What are impressions towards Belgium football?
Belgium football has a lot of potential. You see many young Belgium players are playing in important leagues in England, France, Spain, and Germany. I think it’s a good choice to start our business with Deinze, that now we are trying to make a good organization and from there we will also try to develop our academy.

6. What do you want to achieve with KMSK Deinze?
We have just started our projects, but KMSK Deinze has a potential and we are now working hard to make the organization strong. Already there is a very good base as a club and from there we are now trying to build up our squad for next season. Of course we hope that we can go to the first division as soon as possible.

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