2022.10.26“RISING STAR presented by Phat Dat Corporation” project celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam

ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, CEO: Hiroyuki Ono, ACAFP), together with its owner club KMSK Deinze from Belgium, entered into a partnership with Promotion Fund of Vietnamese Football Talent Football Academy (PVF) in Vietnam to work on the youth players development. This time we are delighted to announce that this project has been officially certified by the embassy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam in 2023, the committee has been working on certifying projects which could promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.

ACAFP and KMSK Deinze announced a partnership with PVF in July 2022 to collaborate in the development of academy players between Vietnam and Belgium. In September of the same year, KMSK Deinze also announced a partnership with VTVcab, one of the biggest media companies in Vietnam, to broadcast a documentary program which follows the stories of PVF players who challenge their life to pursue their dreams. 

The project has been recognized and chosen to be one of the projects to celebrate the 50th  anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam, as the committee values it to connect Asia and Europe through football, and the main project leaders are Japanese.


Comment from Hiroyuki Ono, CEO of ACAFP and Vice Chairman, Board of Director, KMSK Deinze
“We are very happy to hear that our project has been officially certified. ACAFP states its mission to release the values of sports at a global level. This time we provide the opportunities for young and talented players from Vietnam to make their dream come true in Europe. We also broadcast the first episode of our original documentary series in Vietnam, then deliver more content on our unique video streaming service “PlaysiaTV”, to tell their story globally. We continue to support the futures of players from Vietnam, try to establish the project bigger, and will deliver passionate stories behind it so please stay tuned for this fascinating program. ”


Our project with PVF and VTVcab
KMSK Deinze, a football club owned by ACAFP (Belgian Professional League 2nd Division), conducted a selection of 15 years old players from PVF at the PVF facility in Vietnam and selected a few players to participate in a short internship program at KMSK Deinze starting in October. The documentary program “RISING STAR presented by Phat Dat Corporation” will be distributed in Vietnam through VTVcab at the end of October, and later on PlaysiaTV, a unique video streaming service operated by ACAFP.

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About PlaysiaTV
A video streaming service incorporating Web3 “Watch&Earn” concept run by ACAFP. Viewers may enjoy the contents just like playing games by letting them get  rewards depending on their actions such as number or length of viewership. Also we plan to install the NFT concept to make a different price range of advertisements. Several channels will be out soon including ACAFP and KMSK Deinze, and sports fans can enjoy documentary series or players interviews at anytime from anywhere. 

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About KMSK Deinze
Founded in 1926, KMSK Deinze is a historic football club belonging to the second division of the Belgian Pro League/First Division B. The city of Deinze, the home town of KMSK, is located in the East Flanders region and is known as a place where many wealthy people live. In the 2019-20 season, the club was promoted to the second division of the Belgian Pro League. In the 2020-21 season, their first year of promotion, they finished a respectable fifth (out of eight clubs). The club is growing rapidly and has announced plans to build a new stadium.
For more information about KMSK Deinze, please visit the official website.