2022.11.11ACAFP, KMSK Deinze and Futurosport are joining forces for further development of youth academy

Since ACA Football Partners became an owner of KMSK Deinze, we put more value on academy development, and nowadays youth training and the follow-up of a youth player’s trajectory is becoming increasingly important. Since criteria for elite licenses and labels are becoming more strict, KMSK Deinze seeks to professionalize its youth academy and to do so it has decided to take the infrastructure and years of experience of the training center Futurosport in Mouscron. 

With this collaboration, ACA Football Partners, KMSK Deinze, and Futurosport plan to welcome talented youngsters, both boys and girls, from national and international, and support their future. The club will emphasise a solid youth training program with a qualified coaching staff, that can function in the best possible conditions. In this the professional sports complex Futurosport, in cooperation with reputable trainers, will play an essential role. 

KMSK Deinze will thereby work together with the city of Mouscron to build up the structure including  the boarding school to provide better opportunities for our youth players. In addition to the current youth academy in Deinze, a second professional youth academy will therefore be offered in the region under the entity of KMSK Deinze. ACAFP and KMSK Deinze are very pleased with this new and ambitious collaboration and are convinced that this is a big step towards the professionalisation of both the youth academy and the club of KMSK Deinze. 



About Futurosport sports complex 

The Futurosport sports complex, founded in 1998, is recognized as one of the best youth training facilities in Belgium. They have produced around 52 professional players between 2000 and 2021, and this include Maxime Lestienne, Jonathan Blondel, Daan Vanghijseghem and Guillaume Francois. 

The venue is about 23 hectares big and consists of 12 soccer pitches, a semi-synthetic pitch, two fully synthetic pitches, an indoor hall with synthetic pitch, recovery rooms, a fully renovated fitness, an athletics track, … It completes all the necessary infrastructures to be a renowned youth academy. Futurosport currently has a partnership with sports schools and boarding schools in and around Mouscron city. This enables a flexible training schedule for all students who are willing to study and practice football in a professional way. 

In addition to the professional infrastructure already provided, the city council of Mouscron received all necessary subsidies to build a new sports school on the Futurosport property. A brand new, modern boarding school is also under construction. With these projects, our youth academy will combine both education and football in the same place, with the aim of forming one multicultural microcosm. The construction of the boarding school is already in its final stage and the works for the sports school will start very soon. It is planned to be all finished and ready by June 2026.