2023.01.18KMSK Deinze league matches will be broadcasted on DAZN Japan YouTube for 2022-23 season from the match against RWDM, January 21st

Deinze Football Club NV (KMSK Deinze), the group company of ACA Football Partners Pte Ltd (ACAFP), is delighted to announce that 2022-23 league matches (including play-off)  of KMSK Deinze will be broadcasted on DAZN Japan YouTube from the match against RWDM on January 21st. 

KMSK Deinze has welcomed Marc Grojean as a new head coach since October 2022, currently ranked 8th position out of 12 clubs. The club is fighting to participate in the top category play-off which only 6 clubs can go to. 

In recent years, the Belgian 2nd Division has become a league where Japanese players such as Homma Shion from Club NXT can be expected to make their mark. Yuta Miyamoto (23) from Urawa Reds joined KMSK Deinze on loan from January 2023, and now we are pleased to make more exposure with DAZN Japan to deliver their content for Japanese football fans.

The owner of KMSK Deinze, ACA Football Partners, is also providing daily content about the club on its unique video streaming service, PlaysiaTV Football. This includes pre-match press conferences, post-match interviews, highlights, and more.  We are capturing the reality of football both in Europe and Asia, and we hope more global fans will enjoy these videos along with the live streaming of the matches.


■DAZN Japan YouTube Live Streaming
KMSK Deinze’s league matches (including play-off)  will be broadcasted on DAZN Japan YouTube for Japanese football fans. Please check below for the recent match schedule.

Jan 21st 16:00 (JST 24:00) RWDM vs KMSK Deinze
Jan 27th 20:00 (JST 28th 4:00) KMSK Deinze vs Club NXT
Feb 5th 19:15 (JST 6th 3:15) FVC Dender vs KMSK Deinze
Feb 11st 20:45 (JST 12th 4:45) KMSK Deinze vs RSCA Futures
*Play-off schedule will be published later

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