2023.10.13KMSK Deinze and Albirex Niigata Singapore will launch “RISING STAR SINGAPORE” Selected players will gain an opportunity to do an internship at KMSK Deinze in 2024

ACA Football Partners Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, CEO: Hiroyuki Ono, hereinafter ACAFP) is delighted to announce the launch of “RISING STAR SINGAPORE”, a project that provides a selection process for youth players in collaboration with Albirex Niigata FC Singapore and offers a short-term internship opportunity at KMSK Deinze  in Belgium.

KMSK Deinze, owned by ACAFP, has been promoting exchanges with Albirex Niigata FC Singapore since December 2022, when it formed a comprehensive partnership with the club to expand its football business linking Europe and Asia following the acquisition of a national team player  Ilhan Fandi (20). Now, we are excited to launch a new project “RISING STAR SINGAPORE” to further accelerate our projects. 

In this project, Albirex Niigata FC Singapore will conduct youth selection for the U15 and U17 teams, and will offer the three players (TBC) selected with KMSK Deinze the opportunity to participate in a short-term internship program with KMSK Deinze next year. Through this project, ACAFP has been working with PVF, one of the largest academies in Vietnam, to help three PVF U15 players gain experience both on and off the pitch through training with the Deinze local team. Some of the players have now jumped up to join the PVF U21 and are playing an active role. Through this project, ACAFP aims to contribute to the development of football itself and career paths for those who get involved in the football industry  in Asia by providing RISING STAR projects in Asian countries. 

This project is supported by First PartnersA documentary program will later be made to tell the behind the stories.


(C) Albirex Niigata FC (S)

Comment from Mr. Daisuke Korenaga, Albirex Niigata Singapore Chairman
“We recently announced that Albirex Niigata FC Singapore will change its policy from a traditional team of mainly Japanese players to a team of mainly Singaporean players from the 2024 season. In line with this change, the club will further strengthen its academy team. This November, we will be holding tryouts to identify talented players to join our U15 and U17 Academy teams. The club staff looks forward to the participation of the players who will be the future of the club. In addition, with the help of our partner KMSK Deinze, a few of the best players selected will have the opportunity to train in Belgium. We believe this will be a valuable project to connect Singapore with the rest of the world. The club is committed to the future of Singaporean athletes on the world stage. We look forward to sharing our dreams with you, our supporters, and the community.”

Comment from Go Nakao, First Partners CEO
“We are pleased to announce that First Partners Co., Ltd. has agreed to participate in the RISING STAR SINGAPORE project as a sponsor. We are fascinated by ACAFP’s mission stating “Release the value of sports and evolve” and the enthusiasm of Mr. Korenaga and Mr. Ono for this project. As a company that aims to support athletes and boost the sports industry as a whole from a financial perspective, we are very pleased to be involved in this project, which will not only benefit Japan, but also Asia and the world. We look forward to the success of this project.

Comment from Hiroyuki Ono, ACAFP CEO
“We are excited to announce our new project together with our partner Albirex Niigata FC Singapore to provide an internship opportunity for the younger generation in Singapore. By providing internship opportunities for youth players at KMSK Deinze which has amazing facilities and experienced coaches, we believe it helps them to step up in terms of football level, and also help them to open their minds to the world to gain the off- the-pitch experience as well to widen their career paths. One unique thing about the project this time is that  the application will be open for anyone so there will be a chance for everyone.  We hope this RISING STAR project will be a destination for the kids who are willing to build a football career with a global mindset. See you soon! ”