2023.12.20【Report】Our CEO made an appearance at Forbes GALA and Nikkei Symposium

In December 2023 we had amazing opportunities to talk about ACAFP in publish in Tokyo, Japan.

On December 5th,  our CEO Hiroyuki Ono and Chief Football Officer Adrián Espárraga attended Forbes GALA dinner event and had a talk session with a former national football player Keita Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki is now an entrepreneur as well and gave us positive comments on our project vision.

Mr. Keita Suzuki / ACAFP CEO Hiroyuki Ono

ACAFP Chief Football Officer  Adrián Espárraga / ACAFP CEO Hiroyuki Ono


On December 7th, Hiroyuki Ono made an appearance at a big symposium organized by one of the biggest media in Japan, Nikkei Newspaper.  He discussed a sustainable ecosystem within the sports industry together with a former national football player Mr. Takashi Fukunishi, a professor from Tsukuba University Mr.Yoshio Takahashi, a banker from Mitsubishi UFJ Mr. Akira Koga, and a caster Ms. Chiwori Sasai.

Mr.Takashi Fukunishi

MC Ms. Chiwori Sasai

ACAFP CEO Hiroyuki Ono

Mr. Yoshio Takahashi

Mr. Akira Koga